by fk mt.

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released October 23, 2015

ony/bass & vocals
ryan/guitar & vocals

recorded at jam room
album art by brandon & ryan



all rights reserved


fk mt. Columbia, South Carolina

Soda City Indie Punk

3 piece band from columbia, SC.


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Track Name: fertilizer
there's a house with a garden
i can see it from my bedroom window

i wonder if i lay down in it
will my body rot and help the flowers grow

my head feels like it's about explode
my arms are tired and i feel like letting go
chest feels like it's about to cave-in
knees are weak and i feel like i'm giving in

feel like giving myself to the earth
i feel like nothing
i wanna be something

bang my head against the wall
feel like nothing at all
at least i feel something
Track Name: roscoe
i was wasted when i called out your name
you answered me and you said go back to bed
but it was just a dream

we're not friends anymore
surprise fucking surprise

i hate sleeping alone
where are you?
where did you go?
i called out your name but you never answered
Track Name: pareidolia
i'm high above the clouds and i don't want to come down
there is no visible way out that i can see

so i stare at the ceiling until it starts to move
i feel dead but in a good way
it reminds me of you

i can't sleep
i'll just lay here
grinding my teeth

i'm way too busy laying in bed to get up and do anything
i'll probably never leave my room
at least not anytime soon
Track Name: feeling of knowing
consume me in my sleep
you're the one that i trust
thoughts surround me everyday
words i can't construct

dream with me
fly away
to a world that we create

i can feel it on the tip of my tongue
can't get it out how i wanna
close my eyes and try to drift off
but i don't think i'm gonna

this would be way easier if the world would stop spinning
this would be way easier if my head would rot off

melt with me to another place
it's not fun to stay the same
maybe we can get away
a better understanding of everything